Playing Labradoodle

Meet our Doodles

At MC sweeney's doodles we only want to breed with doodles that are completely healthy, we have our girls examined by a vet before, during and after pregnancy.

Our doodles are tested on:

If one of our doodles is not 100% healthy, we will NEVER breed a litter with it!

The beautiful doodle mommies


Resy wants to be friends with everyone, she is a cuddly butt, always happy, very sweet and caring, but she prefers to take care of her bones herself. She waits like a cat on the windowsill to receive you at home and she sleeps like a human in your arms in bed.


Dribbel is een speelse en enthousiaste doodle. Ook is ze een echte knuffelaar en allemansvriend. Als moeder is ze lief en zorgzaam.


This is Teddy! A sweet, loyal, social 'spring in the field'. Very cuddly and a real family dog. When walking, everyone is greeted cheerfully, human and dog (cat less ;-) Absolutely everyone's friend!❤️


Onze Kyra is een echte knuffelbeer. Kyra wil altijd bij je zijn. Zij houd van aandacht en is super trouw. Bij het uitlaten houd ze niet op met spelen en thuis is ze super relaxed, een echte knuffelaar.


Hunter loves children and greets everyone enthusiastically. She is very easy going and prefers to be with you all the time. Whenever possible she likes to go for a long walk and she likes to cuddle with you. All in all a fantastic dog who not only gets love, but gives back so much more love.


Lola is a sweet, cheerful and social dog, who is mainly focused on people. She loves to cuddle with everyone and loves that attention. She also loves to walk and swim, but always keep a close eye on you. Lola is truly a companion animal and a great treasure.


Jip is ontzettend speels, sociaal en een echte knuffelaar. Tijdens het training pikte ze commando’s snel op. Met andere honden is ze ook super lief. Ze snapt de signalen van grote honden en is voorzichtig met het spelen met kleine honden en puppy’s.


Roxx has a sweet and gentle personality. She likes to show your attention, really a buddy. She likes to play with other dogs, she loves walking in the woods!!! She is a lucky (go lucky) friendly girl. She is small medium and has a red silky soft curly fleece coat.


Catootje likes to be cuddled. She also likes to go for walks, she is always up for that. She loves to play with other dogs. She can play with all the dogs around, from small to large.


Saar is a cheerful, sweet dog with a lot of energy. She is very affectionate and caring for her old canine companion. She has a beautiful red fleece coat!!


Kaya is sterk op mensen gericht en altijd enthousiast. Ook is ze heel vriendelijk voor kinderen, leergierig en speels. Ze is over het algemeen rustig, sociaal, en gaat graag mee op stap


A little about Saartje: Saartje is beautiful in every way!! She is a total doll and we absolutely love her!! She has a great character and is a great mom! She is the center of attention wherever she goes!! =) She has a happy go lucky personality. We are sure she will pass her charm on to her puppies


This little doll face is it all. She is very funny, sweet and a total show-stopper. Coming from a long line of family favorites, Lexy is a dream come true. She is the daughter of one of our favorite boys, Prince. We already know that she passes on her nice character to her children!!!


Fenne is a happy egg outside and a calm dog inside. She is everyone's friend and finds everything and everyone interesting and fun. She prefers to play with other dogs that are not too big.


Red is the best dog we could wish for. She is great with our 4 children. She has a sweet character, is nice and quiet at home but also loves to play outside with other dogs. She then has a preference for other Labradoodles.


Bobby is een super lieve, intelligente en leergierige hond. Ze houdt enorm veel van spelen, wandelen en nieuwe dingen leren. Ze is een echte gezinshond. Ze is dol op alles en iedereen. Ik ken geen leukere en lievere hond dan Bobby


Our fabulous Sister is a spectacular beauty to say the least. We love her fun loving personality and happy nature. She is a beautiful girl with a silky soft wavy/wavy fleece coat. She has a nice build and fits very well in her body. Everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her loves her.


Fay has the great looks of her parents and their fun and friendly personalities too. We just love Fay and all her funny pranks! She loves nothing more than hanging out by the water bowl with her family and friends. Her puppies inherit her amazing personality and her gorgeousness is definitely reflected in her puppies!

The happy doodle dads


Raffy is a social and friendly male. It is a very stable dog and a real friend to everyone. His bloodlines can be traced back to the original founders of the Australian Labradoodles, the famous Tegan Park and Rutlands bloodlines.


Harry is a people-oriented dog. He is always very cheerful and very loyal, during a walk he never leaves our side. Harold is of French descent.


Prince is a cheerful and cheerful dog. He is a real prankster and knows how to put a smile on everyone's face. He is very affectionate and likes to come for a pet. His bloodlines can be traced back to the original founders of the Australian Labradoodles, the famous Tegan Park and Rutlands bloodlines.


Xander is an obedient and good-hearted male. He is very charming. He is very playful and full of life. His bloodlines can be traced back to the original founders of the Australian Labradoodles, the famous Tegan Park and Rutlands bloodlines.