A Doodle to breed with

Are you looking for an australian labradoodle to breed with?

At Mc Sweeney's Doodles it is also possible to buy a labradoodle to breed with it at a later age. This works just a little different than how we usualy work.

Normally the australian multigen labradoodle puppies we sell come with a clause that prohibits breeding. So we can guarantee the quality for the future generations of the Australian Labradoodle breed.

We also give a guarantee with these puppies that they will be suitable for breeding in the future and you will be given priority on the current waiting list.

This ensures that the labradoodle puppies are more expensive than normal, namely € 6250.00 excluding VAT

What is tested

Based on hereditary disorders, all puppies will certainly be suitable for breeding. Both the parent dogs and many generations before that are fully tested for:


 After 1 year you still have to perform the physical tests yourself, namely:

  • ECVO Eyes
  • Hips and Eyes
  • Patellas and Knees
Doodle pups

Important to know


When buying a labradoodle to breed with from Mc Sweeneys doodles you are not only buying the doodle but also the knowledge. With our many years of experience, we have encountered almost all possible questions you may have in practice. You can always contact us for this.

Australian Multigen Labradoodles

Multigen stands for multigeneration. The bloodlines of our labradoodles can be traced back to Tegan Park and Rutlands. These are the original breeders of the Australian Labradoodle.

Deliberately not a member of the ALAEU and the WALA

With the ALAEU and the Wala it is mandatory to require sterilization or castration from the buyers of the puppy before the puppies turn 1 year old. We do not condone this.

How can I register for an Australian labradoodle to breed with?

Ben je geïntereseerd in een labradoodle om mee te fokken schrijf je dan in via dit formulier en we nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met je op.

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