Over McSweeney's Doodles

After our search for a dog with allergy-friendly characteristics, we came into contact with the breed. Once you find the doodle you will never want to go back. 

Doodles are eager to learn, very intelligent and have a child-friendly character, ideal for us as a family.

After years of keeping and working with animals, we started breeding our favorite dog breed; the Labradoodle.

After 10 years, taking care of and handling the Labradoodles has become an essential part of our lives and we are therefore happy that we can contribute a bit to this with our Doodles and puppies.

Our care Farm

On our care farm in Sterksel, where our doodles are born and live the first part of their lives, we also offer horse stabling and a care farm: Zorgboerderij de Peelven (former McSweeneys Zorgboerderij). More information about this can be found at Our Website and through this video

By combining the care farm with the puppies, all our puppies are always well socialized.

labradoodle puppy
Terry doodles

Reico dog food

Good nutrition is very important for a dog. In our search for this we have found the Reico vital system products.

Your dog's diet should contain an optimal mix of proteins, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. Just like for humans, the most natural diet is one of the most important steps towards a long and healthy life full of energy and performance for our pets.

 Reico dog food contains all the substances that a dog needs and does not contain any unhealthy additives.

Who we are?

We are Terry and Carolien and we live in Sterksel with our children Evi, Anna, Sam and Farah.

Terry McSweeney

Terry comes from an Irish family where they worked and bred Labrador retrievers. In Ireland, these dogs are widely used and trained for hunting. Terry has always enjoyed interacting with the animals as a child and now uses his past experience to breed our Doodles. 

Carolien Heestermans

Carolien has been giving riding lessons for several years now. Working with animals is her passion. She has known this since childhood. Because of the pleasure she experienced with the canine courses and the training of our dogs, she eventually started training as a canine instructor.