About the Labradoodle

Our kinds of Labradoodle

The Multigen Labradoodle

When a Labradoodle is 3 or more generations in the breed, they are considered Multigeneration Labradoodles. They almost never shed and are ideal for families with allergies.

The pure bred Australian Labradoodle

Both parents are 100% Australian Labradoodle.
The pure bred Australian Labradoodle is a labradoodle that does not shed hair and may be suitable if you have an allergy to dogs.


The Curly Coat

The curly coat is a soft, dense coat that feels like wool, the curly coat does not shed and is therefore suitable for people with allergies to dogs.


Fleece coat is a coat that has less curly hair, the coat is straight and easier to maintain. The coat is less suitable for allergic people and some hair loss may occur.

Curly/wavy Fleece

The Doodle's wavy coat is very soft to the touch. The longer it gets, the more it hangs, the less curly it looks!

WALA Labradoodle


There are many different colored Doodles. The color of a puppy depends on the genes of the parents. Possible colors include: 


Doodles come in all sizes just like any other breed of dog.


The mini doodle weighs between 7 and 10 kilos and has a height at the withers between 35 and 42 centimeters


the medium doodle weighs between 10 and 18 kilos and has a height between 43 and 52 centimeters.


A regular doodle weighs between 20 and 25 kilos and has a height between 53 and 63 centimeters.


Doodles are very friendly and make great companion animals.

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