australian labradoodle without waiting list

Are you looking for an Australian labradoodle without a waiting list?

At Mc Sweeney's Doodles we offer the possibility to purchase an Australian labradoodle Labradoodle without a waiting list with an accelerated process.

In this accelerated process you pay € 4600.00 for the puppy instead of the usual amount. 

This ensures that you will not be placed on the waiting list, but that you will be contacted immediately when another litter of doodles is available. 

For the rest, the process is as described on the page How we work.


How can I register for an Australian labradoodle without a waiting list?

By filling in this form you indicate that you would like to use the accelerated process and that you are going to buy a labradoodle puppy without a waiting list.

We will usually contact you within 4 to 6 weeks for a viewing and introductory meeting.

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